Cuff Links for Luxury Hotel Guests

Cuff Links for Hotel Merchandise Buyer

Classic Legacy can help you rescue the guest who arrives for a special event without their favorite cuff links!     I realized after speaking with the merchandise manager of the gift store in the American Club of the Kohler resort that many times men forget to pack their favorite pair of cuff links.   […]

How Catherine Tatum Began Classic Legacy

Catherine & Ann Vintage Clothes

I am often asked how I began my business.   Where did it begin?   People look at me now and see that my clients are high end retailers,  large luxury hotels, museums, and corporations…..but how did I get here.  This is my story.  After getting my masters in education and teaching first grade for […]

Custom Gifts for Luxury Hotels Create an Experience

Create and Experience Hotel Gift Buyer

I was recently asked what the top 3 Secrets of top Hotel Gift Buyers were.   To learn the answer to that question Click here!  When you click this link you will also receive a bonus presentation showing you actual custom gifts that are amazing!   I want to let you in on one of […]

My Mom, Mother’s Day, and How Flowers have Influenced Classic Legacy

Custom Gifts with Flowers Blog Header

My mother has been a big influence in my life.   She has always been there for me.   My mother is the mother of 4.  I am pondering the many things she has done in her life and how she has influenced me.  She was and is a teacher, a wife, a mother, a […]

How To Use Your Historic Images to Create A Signature Collection for Your Business, Hotel, or Museum

Gifts Using Historic images

Did you know that you have what you need to create a Signature Custom Gift Collection at your finger tips?   Click here to receive a free eBook that highlights how to create custom gifts with YOUR historic images.   Think about the history of your business, your hotel, or your museum.   I work […]