How a Museum used a Quote to Develop a theme

Well-behaved Women Rarely Make History

Buyers connect with quotes!  When Debbie Nutt, of the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, gave me a behind the scene tour she pointed out one item that was a very good seller.   It was a t-shirt  with images of  women who were not “well-behaved”.  They did make history.   Rosa Parks and Harriet […]

5 Ways to Use Flowers in Displays that Work

Blog Header Spring Flowers

I grew up with flowers. Flowers bring happiness and cheer.  My mother has flowers all year-long in her yard and gardens.   This year I asked for tulip bulbs for my birthday in October.   Now I’m celebrating my birthday present!   Flowers make me happy and they are great for business.    I like […]

The Power of “Littles” Valentines and Custom Gifts

Power of Littles Valentines & Custom Gifts

Valentine cards have been saved by my family through the years.  Some of the sentiments are silly, some syrupy sweet, and some lovely.    I enjoy looking at the art and also the thoughts that were deemed important enough to keep for over 100 years!  The sentiment that stood out to me  is  “The Power […]

Custom Gifts by Classic Legacy Represent Exclusive Gifts for Buyers

Classic Legacy Custom Gifts Represent Exclusive Gifts

What exactly are custom gifts?   What value do you receive when you purchase a custom gift for your organization?   Classic Legacy specializes in creating custom gifts.   Custom gifts are gifts that are designed with YOUR art or logo and they are designed exclusively for your business or organization.   Classic Legacy sells […]

Wine Accessories for Lake Time and Beach Time

On Beach Time Wine Gifts by Classic Legacy

When you are at the lake or the beach it is convenient to have all the special wine accessories handy.   We have created two themes “Lake Time”   and “Beach Time”.    Our wine accessories are the perfect gift to celebrate your time at the beach or the lake.   These also make a […]