10 Ways I Use Periscope to Serve Luxury Retailers

Join Classic Legacy on Periscope #scopewithcl

I am using Periscope to serve my luxury retail clients.   The video broadcasts can be viewed live and also I save Classic Legacy “scopes” at katch.me.   Periscope is less than 6 months old and I am loving how I can use to to serve.  Learn all about Periscope by watching these 10 videos […]

My Mom, Mother’s Day, and How Flowers have Influenced Classic Legacy

Custom Gifts with Flowers Blog Header

My mother has been a big influence in my life.   She has always been there for me.   My mother is the mother of 4.  I am pondering the many things she has done in her life and how she has influenced me.  She was and is a teacher, a wife, a mother, a […]

Mannequin Evergreen Tree Skirt Makes Creative Retail Display

Evergreen Skirt on Mannequin

I collect ideas for retail display. Creative displays sell gifts and jewelry. I spent a recent Saturday creating a display that is sure to draw attention and is a perfect way to highlight Classic Legacy necklaces. Here are the easy steps that will enable  you can make your own winter mannequin with an evergreen tree […]

How Niche Gifts Serve Retailers: Photography Gifts and Photos

Life is like a camera

Life is like a camera…..focus on what’s important.   My family is important to me.   Matthew, my grandson, is in the photo.    We all document our lives as well as our businesses with photography.    Classic Legacy’s focus is to serve businesses by creating custom gifts.   I’ve found that when I meet […]

Create Experiences to Remember Christmas Memories from Oxford MS

Creating Christmas Memories in Oxford

Creating experiences that guests will remember and share is important.   I spent “Black Friday” in Oxford, MS.   Oxford is a small college town with a wonderful  “Square” that is the business hub.    My husband and I drove for about an hour and arrived in mid afternoon.   The Christmas season began that […]