Five Ways Small Businesses Can Use Pinterest

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that lets you organize anything you find on the internet.  It is very visually appealing and once you join you can create custom boards to collect what you find inspiring, interesting, and attractive.  Pinterest is easy to use and has many helpful tips.    Pinterest is fun!  Pinterest is a good tool for small businesses.   Here are some ideas.   Use Pinterest to:

1. Highlight your Customers

Every business relies on good customers.    Pinterest is a wonderful way to share photos showcasing your customers.   I like to visit my client’s  website, blog, or Facebook page and find fun photos of their store, products, or team.    Here is the section (called a board)  on  the Classic Legacy Pinterest site.  I named this board  “Our Clients and Customers”.   I have highlighted people, store fronts, merchandise, and logos.

Pinterest Photos That showcase Classic Legacy customers
Pinterest Photos That showcase Classic Legacy customers

2. Share Favorite Quotes

Your customers are people!…..People like to have fun and reflect on life.   Quotes are a wonderful way to share and let people know you are real.   Pinterest is a great way to organize the quotes you love. This is one of my favorite quotes.

Dream a New Dream Quote on Classic Legacy Pinterest
Dream a New Dream Quote on Classic Legacy Pinterest

3. Recognize Artists You Admire

Art is important to me.   Classic Legacy specializes in custom and personalized gifts.   I am inspired by many other artists and I admire Jill Turman.    Jill is a blacksmith and years ago she helped me produce some iron displays for gifts that I had just designed.   She has won many awards now and moved on to make bigger items but I’ll always remember her and how she inspired me to keep on designing!   Here is a YouTube video featuring Jill.  Here is the link to the Pinterest page featuring Artists I admire.

Iron Gate Designed by Jill Turman an Inspiration to Classic Legacy
Iron Gate Designed by Jill Turman an Inspiration to Classic Legacy

4.  Promote Locations or Events

Classic Legacy has many clients that are high-end  resorts and hotels.   I want to let them know that I follow their activities.   Pinterest is a great way for me to “pin” photos that I find of their resort or hotel.  These photos or pins are then re-shared by followers and the good photos and promotion just keeps on growing!   I thought this photo of young surfers was especially fun.   The Hotel Del Coronado featured this photo on their website and I “pinned” it!

Hotel Del Surfers Classic Legacy on Pinterest
Hotel Del Surfers Classic Legacy on Pinterest

5. Highlight Products

I admit that I am using Pinterest to not only provide enjoyment, organize my finds, and collect ideas…..I also want to share the best of Classic Legacy products.     I don’t like to follow accounts on social media sites that only discuss or talk about their products so I for sure don’t want to go overboard sharing new products…but I will do that from time to time as it relates to current events and trends.   Our new wire wrapped jewelry is the perfect example of a trend that I want to share!   Here is the Pinterest link of jewelry via Classic Legacy pinterest.  The neat thing is if the photo you are highlighting is from a website when you double-click on the photo is takes you to the Classic Legacy website……just like this necklace.   The wire wrapped jewelry is new and we will have it on Classic Legacy very soon!

Earring Wire Wrapped Aventurine  by Classic Legacy
Earring Wire Wrapped Aventurine by Classic Legacy

Pinterest is a very new social media site.  According to Mashable the membership is over 4 million.   From August to December 2011 the membership of Pinterest doubled!  I enjoyed reading their guide to Pinterest and thought you might like to read that also.  Another thing I did was add a “Follow me on Pinterest” button to my website.   That is easy to do and I know will pay off by encouraging others to find Classic Legacy on Pinterest!     Here is to a wonderful New Year and be sure to follow Classic Legacy on Pinterest.  Pinterest is by invitation only currently.   Please leave a comment below if you would like for me to invite you to join Pinterest.






  1. says

    I love Pinterest and I really appreciate your ideas on using it to promote my small jewelry business. All the best to you for 2012!

  2. Sarah says

    I am so intrigued by what’s happening on Pinterest! Can you send me an invitation? Love your blog too. These are great tips! Thank you!

  3. Teri Ewing says

    I administer many small retail and gallery business FB pages and Pinterest is the next phase in my social media campaigns and would love an invite please. Thank you!